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Top 5 travel safety rules

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General travel safety rules Here are some crucial safety rules that might seem obvious but we tend to forget sometimes during travels: 1. Be aware of your surrounding. If you are too drunk, hungover, haven’t slept well, in

Oh, how I miss those delicious 2 dollar meals!

Posted by • June 1, 2015 • Adventure ,Food 2 Comments

The biggest change coming back home has been to see how expensive food is. Just six months ago I was one of those Starbucks addicted “need my no whip non-fat mocha first thing in

East to West, Trains are the best!

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It’s something about traveling by trains that makes me feel like a kid before Christmas. Part of it is the nostalgia of having such beautiful memories traveling as a kid. As I grew up,

After 115 days, 38 destinations, 10 countries, 32 flights ….

Days traveled

..we are back home in Seattle. Being a nerd who loves numbers and having never been in such an intense and unique personal adventure, I decided to count a few aspects of our 4 month trip for fun. Pretty

Its more fun in the Philippines

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Philippines was one of our favorite destination in Asia during this leg of travel! Being untouched by commercialism, reasonable pricing, friendly people and gorgeous islands had a lot to do with it. Most people

Poop coffee in Bali, no joke!

Posted by • March 18, 2015 • Adventure ,Experiences Add Comment

Yup, not kidding. In fact, it is known as the most expensive coffee in the world! Sold for around $3,000 per Kg. During our recent trip to Bali, we discovered Kopi Luwak during one of our

Feeling like celebrities in Asia!!!

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We have not felt even remotely as popular as we did in Indonesia and China. For the first time we had multiple random locals asking us to take photos with them. This is especially unique

Always a story with taxi drivers……

Posted by • March 12, 2015 • Adventure ,Experiences 2 Comments
Taxi Stories

Our itinerary in the past few months has involved us being at a new place every 2-5 days. With our luggage and depending on how much time we have,  we have mainly taken taxis for transportation

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