Bar Poe, Granada

After a long exhausting day of walking all over Alhambra Palace in the heat, Sunny and I made our way to Bar Poe for a much-needed meal. I love warm weather but for Sunny to say that he doesn’t particularly have an affinity towards it, is an understatement, it makes him miserable! That being said, he wasn’t in the best mood before we entered this bar but left with the happiest look on his face I’d seen of him throughout the trip.

Located on a relatively quieter street, the bar is tiny and yet cozy. We were the only two people at the place beside a woman from Washington DC. The concept was pretty simple, order a drink and get free tapas. In this case, however, the owner gives you the food menu and you order anything you want from it with your drink. We did not come across this concept anywhere else. Typically we got free tapas of very small pre-selected Jamon or mixed nuts at other bars. So we ended up having the most delicious spicy pork stew, chicken liver with cilantro and black bean and pork stew. We repeated a couple tapas again. All of this with 5 drinks for 9 dollars was an evening of gluttony for us! To top it off we had great company from the bar owner (who is originally from UK) as well as the lady from D.C. sitting right next to us. By the time we left, the place was packed with more people waiting to come in.

Sunny says he wants to go back to Granada just to visit Bar Poe, an absolute must-visit bar that made our whole experience in the city even better!

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