Borobudur Temple at Sunrise

You will hear multiple opinions on whether watching sunrise at Borobudur, a UNESCO heritage site is overrated or worth it. Sunny and I thought it was the best decision and experience we had in Indonesia. Yes, its more expensive than entry fee to the temple starting at 6am but the calmness, serenity and beauty surrounding it during sunrise is priceless. We visited during low season which helped by not having as many tourists. Even with less than a 100 people there were moments where we struggled to find a good place for photos. I can only imagine during peak season with over 300 people!  Also, make sure to check the weather before going in case its overcast or raining. Lastly be ready to leave by 3:30am by car from proper city. Its almost an hr and half drive to the temple followed by a short hike and steep steps up to the temple. (Good shoes are a must as the steps can be slippery as well!)

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