Charles Darwin Research Center (CDRC)

See giant tortoise breeding along with a couple species of iguana and some plants. Check out the interesting and engrossing story of Lonesome George who was the last one of its kind as well as the story of Diego who has been the most successful breeder.  The research center has a couple areas explaining formation of Galapagos island and brief history. Very fascinating if you enjoy history. The path is a short trek where again you can observe beautiful cactus endemic to Santa Cruz island with different species of Scalesias, Darwinian bush, birds, lava lizards, marine iguanas and especially different Darwinian finches. It’s again fascinating to observe all of this since Galapagos species are not very shy giving you time to see them.

The saddest thing we learned during this trek was the Charles Darwin Research Center might be closing due to insufficient funding and profit returns. Seeing the area, its a pity that a beautiful educational center as this one might not exist for a long time

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