Chilli crab in Singapore

Another popular Singaporean dish that is made in two different ways. We chose to go to a restaurant at Singapore Riverfront (opposite to Marina Bay and around Fullerton Hotel). The Singapore riverfront is filled with bars and restaurants serving chilli crab. For once we decided to not go with reviews and walking into a place based on instinct. We had the chilli crab made Singaporean way. The crab was tasty but messy at the same time. Sunny and I are not patrons of getting rid of shells on a whole crab, let alone one with hot gravy. Also, chili sauce in Singapore has a sweet and spicy flavor to it creating a good balance instead of straight up spice. Be ready to wait at least 30 minutes if not more for cooking time. Overall, we thought the crab was mediocre. Flavor wise we thought the chili crab in Hong Kong was a lot better (Hong Kong Chilli crab review to follow)

#singapore #chilicrab #foodie Photo taken: Jan 2015

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