Da Francesco, Rome

Tucked in a corner, we got to Da Francesco a little it after 6pm only to find out it doesn’t open till 7pm.
We made our way there at about 7:15, bad idea! There was already a line of people trying to get the attention of a guy outside who looked like a host/bouncer. He asked us if we had a reservation. On getting a negative answer he seated us outside. The place is huge, they have indoor and outdoor seating. We really wanted to try the restaurant so we tagged along with the option of outdoor seating with heated lamps (we visited end of March)

We ordered some wine (became a must in Italy, absolutely loved it), bruschetta and pizza. The bruschetta with olives was phenomenal whereas the pizza was good. I guess hearing so much about their pizza we were waiting to be blown away, which didn’t happen. The base was too soft for my taste. We also made friends with the person sitting next to us since we were sharing space. The company made our dinner pretty good or overall it would’ve been a disappointing experience. He said the tripe and tiramisu were really tasty. If we had to go back, we probably would try the tripe and definitely get the bruschetta. Either way the restaurant is worth a trip once, just make sure to make reservations unless the weather is pleasant!

We found out about Da Francesco through yelp since we weren’t having great luck with Trip Advisor. We would highly recommend walking into a random hole in the wall restaurants once in a while as well.

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