Dimdimsum Hong Kong

A very memorable and delicious meal of dimsum while catching up with a friend. This restaurant is rated as Worlds 101 best places to eat. They have multiple branches all over Hong Kong and are open pretty late which is a bonus. We visited the restaurant on Kowloon Island. Something to know in advance again is servers do not speak English and the menu is in Cantonese. We did not get photos or an English menu here. At times like these, google translate is your best friend! We got lucky since Sunny’s friend Aaron understood and spoke enough Cantonese to get us by.

Between the three of us we ordered dim sum with beef noodles, steam pork buns, pineapple filled dim sum (my personal favorite), egg custard, piggy shaped dumplings and shrimp with truffle dumplings. We wiped all the plates clean while contemplating ordering another round. All of this for barely 4 dollars a person was the most reasonable, sit-down and full-restaurant-service, meal we had in Hong Kong!

You can find their full menu on their website here.

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