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We went with this tour company in Galapagos for our entire trip after a recommendation from a local cruise company that was fully booked. It was the best decision we made. The company was expensive but they took care of all our transport, accommodations, full time guide, most meals and tickets for sightseeing places. Due to lack of planning as well as saturation from planning a 4 month 3 continent itinerary, the tour company worked excellently for us.  Everything on our trip was very well organized from the pick up at Balta airport to drop off at San Cristobal airport. Our guide, Pablo was very passionate about nature and guiding which made the trip even better. For us Galapagos became a beautiful experience since we had him as our teacher, companion and friend. A review for Galakiwi would be incomplete without a review for him.

Pablo is a very experienced, knowledgeable and naturalistic guide. If you are a first timer at Galapagos, like us, you are probably going to get overwhelmed by the sheer number of plants, birds and animals you are going to see. Pablo was not only descriptive about each island, destination, species but also was able to answer most questions with their history. If he didn’t know something, which was quite rare, he was honest about it.

He was patient and understanding towards any of our needs. Our conversations ranged multiple topics and he came across as a very genuine, kind, passionate and energetic person. Due to his company we were able to soak in the enchanted Galapagos even more. Really glad that Galakiwi was able to arrange him as our tour guide.

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  1. Galakiwi November 12, 2015 Reply

    Thanks for the kind words Priyanka! We’ll be sure to pass along your comments to Pablo…all the best!

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