One of the many delicious things we’ve had in Ecuador, this dish stood out in Galapagos. We wanted to try out restaurant K.F William, however it was closed that night so we settled for a restaurant two blocks down across the street from it (I apologize for not remembering the name)

To get there, get away from the Main Street where Pelican bay is, take a right. The address is Charles Binford, Puerto Ayora. If in doubt ask one of the locals for the street with restaurants where they shut down the road. Internet is not as good around Galapagos, hence the old school way of map or asking for directions is the way to go. Once at the restaurant we both ordered Langoustines. Sunny got Galapagos lobster in coconut sauce (came with a lot of meat!)  whereas I got shrimps in garlic sauce. We also got some ajhi (spicy salsa) which we wiped clean! Both our portions came with some rice and salad. We did not have an opportunity to have this delicious dish again once we left Santa Cruz island!

Given a chance, pick any restaurant on Charles Binford street, but make sure to have Langoustines!

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