Les Menestras De La Almagro , Quito

We came across Les Menestras De La Almagro by chance. Staying in a very touristy area of La Mariscal street, we were finding it increasingly difficult to find an inexpensive, non-touristy food until we walked into this place. This was a very non-pretentious hole in the wall appearance filled with locals and run by women in aprons. Perfect!

We were not given a menu and just asked what kind of protein we liked and whether we wanted it grilled or fried. Sunny got the pork and I ordered grilled chicken. Both did not disappoint.  Just like it was in Santiago, the protein was juicy and filled with flavor. It also came with rice, delicious lentils, avocados and plantains. Again, Aji (hot sauce) on the side sealed the deal.

Side note – Ecuadorian Aji is something I miss a lot. It had a unique flavor of peppers with onions and some cilantro in it. Not exactly like salsa or hot sauce that we have in United States.

This restaurant appeared to be popular with locals during lunch, probably because it isn’t open for dinner. You mainly find a working crowd in suits having a quick bite here. In the end, we found what we were looking for. A reasonably cheap, delicious, nonpretentious and local Ecuadorian restaurant! Yum!

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