Marta’s Paella cooking class!

If you are looking to experience a Paella cooking class anywhere in Spain, we would highly recommend Marta’s Paella class in Barcelona. Of course, Valencia is known for it’s Paella but since we didn’t have time in our itinerary to make it there, we did the next best thing.

We found out about Marta’s class through EatWith and signed up immediately. Why is her Paella class so good? Here are a few things that stood out for us:

1) She genuinely wants you to learn –  She patiently answers questions throughout her class, accomodates your taste/allergies and also provides a soft and hard copy of her recipe.

Marta teaching us how it's done
Marta teaching us how it’s done. Photo credit to classmate Minky Lee


2) Her communication skills are excellent – Having lived in San Francisco for over 20 years, her command over English and Spanish allows her to effortlessly teach in both languages.

3) The end product is absolutely delicious, believe me we couldn’t find such good paella at any restaurant after cooking with Marta.

4) Marta is hilarious! She made the experience so much fun, it didn’t feel like we had been there for over 3 hours.

Marta is very honest, expect her to be upfront with what you should and shouldn’t expect from her class. We personally liked that a lot since that set our expectations appropriately.

Tip: Take one or two bottles of your favorite wine. There is a wine shop very close to her place too. Share them with your fellow cooking mates, initiate fun conversations and hopefully you’ll make some new friends who will keep in touch with you even after the class ends!

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