Max’s Noodles, Hong Kong

Most of the places we ate at in Hong Kong were by accident while walking around. We had finished breakfast, lunch, dessert and a small snack by 1pm when we came across Max’s Noodles in Central district. A huge line outside the tiny restaurant intrigued me so I went and joined the crowd. Sunny groaned a little since he was full to the extent of not being able to breathe. My reasoning was, waiting in line would help us burn some calories! Ha!

The other reason was, we saw photos of (a young) Anthony Bourdain’s visit to the restaurant before his celebrity travel channel host days. The line to the restaurant moved very quickly. The hosts were very busy but attentive. We were seated in a booth good for two people facing a wall with a small table. A unique experience for sure. The seating was so small and cozy, I might as well have sat on Sunny’s lap!

Being the first table at the entrance of this hole in the wall place we had a great view of the very tiny glass kitchen where the wontons were being made. If not for the food, just go to see the speed and efficiency of mass production of wontons. Even though Sunny was full, he agreed to split a delicious cheap (less than $5 USD or $40 HKD) bowl of Shrimp wonton noodle soup 🙂 That’s how good this place is.

Definitely worth a visit! Just a heads up, do some research before going or learn to speak a few words in Cantonese.  Like most local places in Hong Kong. the hosts or servers do not speak English.

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