New Wave Divers Boracay

We found out about New Wave Divers through Trip Advisor. Sunny and I knew we wanted to snorkel or dive in Boracay mainly due to the beautiful reef surrounding it. Our first experience with diving in Cook Islands was not the most pleasant one. Someday we will share that story. I was on the fence with wanting to give diving another try and was leaning towards the option of helmet diving. Luckily for us we swung by New Wave Divers to enquire about it. New wave divers do not do helmet diving (in fact thankfully they gave us the true picture of what it was!) We met a fantastic instructor who was not booked for the day yet and signed up for the discover Scuba Diving course intead. Thankfully this time we trained in actual ocean water as opposed to our first experience in a muggy pool. We went for the actual 45 minute dive the following morning. Our instructor was calm and patient with us through out the process. We also had a professional photographer take photos of us. We loved the entire experience and would do it all over again. The dive and photos were also very reasonable as opposed to our previous experience. Having tried it a couple of times now, the company and instructor definitely make a difference. To add to it, our dive site was breathtaking with beautiful coral and school of fish everywhere.

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