Parrilladas “San Jose”, Galapagos Island

Away from main town but barely 7-10 minute walk, you might have to ask for directions for this place. Loved by locals and tourists (if they can find it), the restaurant has a very welcoming ambience. Ordering is easy, go up front where you find the chef on the grill, chose what kind of protein you want or choose a combo. Sit back, relax and wait for your meal. We had a feast with fish, sausage, chicken, shrimps and pork. They provide that with a potato, lentils and rice or more salad. Of course Sunny and I always need our aji (hot sauce) with everything. My personal favorite was the chorizo or sausage. The chef grills everything with his special sauce and some cilantro on it. Just be careful with portions, ordering a combination was excessive for us. Sunny and I could’ve easily split the food with one order.

Either way, we were thoroughly happy with our dinner on San Cristobal island!

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