Potato Head Beach bar

Located in Seminyak area of Bali Potato Head is a well known beach club/ bar with an infinity pool. We visited Potato Head on a Friday night after dinner at Metis. There was no cover charge which is always a plus. In order to have nice bed cushion like cozy seating close to the water, there was a minimum amount to spend. The other option was to not spend that money and get regular seating, still with a view and cool wind from the water. We opted for the later option. The music on Friday night was alright with the place being packed with backpackers to locals and tourists alike. For the second time that night the bartender gave me a mojito with a piece of sugarcane in it (I love sugarcane, so no complains), the first time was at dinner at Metis. We enjoyed the place since it wasn’t packed with a crowd just there to get drunk or laid. It was calm but not boring at the same time. The music could’ve been upbeat but we came and left earlier in the night. If your time in Bali is very limited, make it to Rock Bar for a beer followed by one drink at Potato Head for a good night!

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