Reserva El Chato

  1. This reserve is a private farm where giant tortoises roam around, it shares borders with the national park.  As you enter the farm you might spot a few of them on the road side resting, eating or popping. Wait until you get to explore the farm to see giant ones moving around in glory. The farm also has a restaurant that serves delicious lunch.  Most people visit here with a tour company. If touring on your own, you might have to arrange for a taxi as the farm is on the highlands of Santa Cruz island. Make sure to wear hiking boots since the area is very muddy. They also have rain boots on the farm. There is also a small lava tunnel as you enter the farm which is definitely worth exploring. Watch out for poison apple trees and other small species of plants and birds endemic (only found in Galapagos or that particular island) to Galapagos. The poison apple trees are not good for humans but apparently make giant tortoises very happy. They are immune to the poison. Remember and respect the golden rule of keeping at least 2 to 3 meters distance from animals as per Galapagos law. Most of all enjoy the company of one of a kind giant tortoise in their natural habitat.
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