Rock Bar at Ayana Resort

Gorgeous sunset with some appetizers and drinks. If you are staying at Ayana resort, you have priority access to go down to the bar. Outside guests are welcome, however there is a very long line during sunset and especially if you are looking for good seats by the water. If you don’t make it on time, you can still see a beautiful sunset from the top at a different bar at the resort. A friend of ours had recommended going around 4 pm but we got delayed and reached there around 5:30pm. We should’ve listened to our friend back home instead of our hotel concierge. The sunset view from top bar was still spectacular and a major highlight of our Bali trip!

In the event if you go down to the bar by the water, there is a small cable car that takes you down there and brings you back up. We went down later after the sunset, however the cable car line to get back up was almost an hour! The bartender told us to take stairs which people typically don’t take. It took us less than 15 minutes to get back up, way better option to burn a few calories as well as waiting in line! The stairs are also a great option to go down to the main bar quickly but again only accessible if you are staying at the resort.

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