Sierra Negra Volcano, Isabela Island

Total hike to Sierra Negra and back is about 10 miles. The landscape during the hike changes massively from South to North. The south of highlands are dreamy with a mist making it feel like you’re in the middle of clouds. Its very green filled with vegetation. As you go further up north towards the volcano, you will still find greenery but the vegetation changes. Its surrounded by guava trees. If you are someone who loves guavas as I do, make sure to pluck the ripe ones and taste them, you won’t be disappointed. I took 3-4 of them for breakfast for following morning. Getting to the lava fields of volcano is a major highlight. You will see the difference the minute you get to an opening from the greenery. It’s unlike anything we have ever seen! Different shades of black, brown, orange and red with natural plates and small tunnels formed are fascinating. The hike goes from lava fields of 1963 to 1979 volcanic eruptions. Hiking to the end point gives an incredible view of the island with lava fields at the bottom and water with vegetation at distance.

Along the hike, if the day is clear you can also see parts of Cerro Azul volcano on the opposite end. Our guide Pablo told us stories of how people have tried but disappeared in parts of Isabela which are inhibited with the myth of wild things existing there.

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