Snorkeling at Kicker Rock, Galapagos Island

About an hr to hr and a half boat ride from San Cristobal, we had the most amazing snorkeling experience of our lives. Kicker rock looks like the shape of a lion from far. It formed its structure naturally by ashes from a volcano about 3-3.5 million years ago.  The water was pretty choppy but we had a great guide Pablo with us making us feel safe. We snorkeled around the wall, thought the channel of the rock. It felt as if we were in a turtle sanctuary with the number of sea turtles we saw everywhere around us. We also saw a shark, sea urchins, corals, parrot fish, creole fish and much more while snorkeling.  Photos don’t do much justice, its the calmness and feel of the experience I will always remember. We had a delicious lunch after snorkeling followed by some quality time at a beach a bit away from kicker rock! Again, the water being very choppy made me sea sick but once you’re actually in the water, you forget about everything else.

Unfortunately I do not know of a way to get there by general form of transportation like local taxis. You have to sign up with some tour company and accompany a guide since the water can be very rough. Overall a spectacular experience!

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