Southwest Tours Boracay

To get to Boracay from Kalibo Airport, you have to go through an hr and a half bus ride followed by a 10-15 minute ferry ride from Caticlan. There are multiple ways of going about this depending on your budget. Since Sunny and I had a couple of bags we decided to go with Southwest tours to make our transport smoother. It was a pretty straightforward and economical process. After collecting our bags from the airport we found several southwest tours employees outside (with a million other taxi and bus vendors) in yellow shirt. They already had our names and gave us our bus number along with tickets. We took the 90 minute bus ride and got to the ferry terminal where we were greeted by other southwest employees. They already took care of all the environmental and terminal fees that had to be paid at the ferry terminal. After boarding the ferry and getting into Boracay, southwest employees took us in their shared van to our hotel. Sunny and I could have saved about 20 dollars between the two of us by taking care of everything by ourselves but we went with the company to avoid all the hassles. If you have baggage or if you are with a group of people I would recommend Southwest tours for stress free travel. There are a number of other private or group transfers but we found this option as the most economical one.

NOTE: There are porters everywhere once you get to Kalibo airport. Sunny and I made the mistake of letting two people help us with our baggage at the ferry terminal thinking they were Southwest employees. They had the same shirts on as the employees. Porters do not negotiate a price or say anything they just pick up your bags and start moving. We realized this later and luckily got away genuinely not having change on us to pay them. Either way we did not need a porter and would recommend being firm with anyone getting close to the bags to not touch them!

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