Tanah Lot Temple

Tanah Lot Temple is one of a kind in the middle of the sea. It is one of the seven sea temples around Balinese coast. We hired a driver for a day to tour around Bali starting with the Tanah Lot Temple (also its a lot cheaper to get a good driver than pay for taxi). Since we were staying in Nusa Dua, our commute to the temple which is in Tabanan was an hr and a half.  If possible check the weather to see if the tide is high or low, any time early afternoon is typically good. Areas around the temple are closed during high tide. We showed up at the temple around 10:30 on an extremely hot day only to see the tide being high!!!  The areas around the temple were closed leaving us to soak it in from a distance. Either way, the view is spectacular and still worth visiting. There is an entrance fee and no they do not give you any information on what to expect inside. The entrance is strategic with a market around it before getting to the temple.  There are also a number of different view points around the area. The waves around the closest one to the temple are mesmerizing. A couple of local girls saw us taking photos and asked to take a photo with Sunny…. Read the full story here. Overall, high tide or low tide, hot, cold or rainy, Tanah Lot Temple is definitely on top of the list to check out while in Bali!

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