Tortuga Bay, Galapagos

A little bit of a walk from town but absolutely worth it. We had a pleasant walk while spotting lava lizards and a number of Darwinian finches. One of my most memorable moment was a flycatcher approaching me three times as a behavioral trait once we stopped moving. Our guide said my hair probably caught its attention as a resource to build its nest. I’m not sure if that was a compliment or insult to my hair! Anyways end result of the walk is one of the most beautiful pristine beach we have seen with white sand and very clear water. You might get lucky and find a few marine iguanas bathing, along with Pelicans and some blue footed boobies on the rock. If you walk all the way along and go to a small area on the right you will find a beach with calmer waters. We personally preferred the waves on the main beach. The beach has organic white sand with mangroves everywhere around it. Another perfect place to be surrounded by nature while bathing in amazing water.

I will also never forget the spectacular scene of marine iguanas fighting the waves while bathing in the ocean. We learned they have to use all their energy to keep themselves warm since their body does not warm up like humans. Marine iguanas mainly feed on algae due to which you find them in the water. I was actually sad leaving this beach but that seemed to happen at a number of beaches in the Galapagos!

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